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We have loads of FUN AND CREATIVE party packages to choose from; ensuring that we have the perfect fit for your child's dream birthday party!

You'll find something for everyone (from 5+ years) with a high level of personalisation available for most options.  So, whether you want to paint your fave Superhero or create a Fairy Kingdom we will do our utmost to create an EPIC experience for the birthday boy/girl and their friends!

  • Prices start from £18 per child depending on the activity chosen (see below). 

  • Price includes exclusive hire of the Studio for a period of 2 hours.

  • Minimum number of paid for participants is 10 children/maximum is 16.

  • Parties last for two hours.  The children will spend approx.1 hr 15 minutes on the activity, and then you have 45 minutes to wash hands, serve food and sing "Happy Birthday".

  • We supply Birthday Cards/Thank You Notes for the children to colour in, while we are clearing up and you are preparing food.

  • You are more that welcome to bring your own food and drinks.  Unfortunately we do not have access to a kitchen so please bear this in mind when preparing food to bring.  Ordering pizza to the Studio is a popular choice, as is supplying Party Boxes for the children.  Either way, please remember to bring plates, napkins, serving utensils and anything else you think you may need as we are unable to provide these (and don't forget the cake!)

  • Unfortunately, due to the size of the Studio the only adults who can stay during the party are those of the birthday child/ren.  Space only allows for two parents/carers plus one / two helpers if necessary.  All other parents will need to "drop and go".

  • The activity-part of the party is supervised by Creative Studio staff, which allows the parents to take photographs and relax.

  • In most cases, (see specific activity information below) the children's work will be kept at the Studio for 7-10 days.  During which time the works will dry and any other finishing will be completed (i.e. grouting or varnishing).  The pieces will then be put into individual bags with the child's name on ready for the parent of the birthday child to collect and distribute to the party attendees.

  • The studio itself is a bright and colourful venue for a party but please feel free to bring balloons (or other decorations with prior agreement) if you wish to.  There will be a "Welcome to (insert name)'s Party" sign outside the venue to welcome the guests and guide them to the Studio. 

  • Once the deposit is paid, the number of attendees is set and final payment will be based on this number.  However, if you do get cancellations/no shows you will still get the main element of the party to give to those that missed out (consumables such as paint etc. not included).

  • If the party includes siblings that are younger than the recommended activity age, it is the responsibility of the parents to supervise/help them to complete the project,  leaving staff free to focus on the smooth running of the party.




Painting a stretched canvas in artist's acrylic paint (A4 size).  The birthday boy/girl chooses a design and the outline is transferred to the canvas ready for all the party-goers to enjoy picking and mixing paint colours and completing their masterpieces together.  (5 years +)

For older children (8 years+), we can create a "Paint Along" session where I instruct the painters step-by-step to create their finished pieces without the need for guide lines.


Work is dried, varnished and ready to be collected 7-10 days later.  

£18.00 per child



Each of these Dream-catchers is cut by myself on my laser cutter using Birch Plywood.  The children's names are cut separately so they are placed in relief on top.  At the party, the children paint them in their favourite colours, decorate with beads and embellishments and finish off at the "glitter bar". 

(6 years +)

Work can be dried and collected 7-10 days later, or taken on the day on paper plate to dry at home.

£20.00 per child


Everyone needs a bit of Fairy Magic in their lives!  These cute fairy doors are perfect for those that believe in fairies.  The children paint, decorate and assemble these lovely doors which can be displayed and enjoyed for a long time to come. 

(5 years +)

Work is dried and partially varnished, ready to be collected in 7-10 days.

£20.00 per child



Decoupage is a lovely way of decorating almost anything!  In this party we decorate a papier-mache 3-dimensional Initial Letter using lots of brightly coloured papers and finish them off with embellishments and glitter.  These free-standing letters are lovely to display and completely unique to each party-goer.  (6 years +)

Work is dried and partially varnished, ready to collect in 7-10 days.

£18.00 per child


One for the fashionistas! Personalise and decorate either a drawstring or Tote bag using cute characters, stencils and bold colour choices.  (6 years +)

Work is dried and "set" so that the bags are usable and washable.  Collectable in 7-10 days.

£18.00 per child.



Create an awesome Fluid Art masterpiece using the "messy pour" method on a stretched canvas.  It's messy but it's SO MUCH FUN! No two are ever the same and watching the patterns and cells emerge is mesmerising. (7+ years)

Work is dried and varnished.  Collectable in 10 - 14 days (due to the volume of paint used).

£30.00 per child. Max 10 children


Create a Heart or Star wall plaque using recycled materials such as china,  beads and mosaic tiles.  There's a great "ta-da" moment when the these are returned to the children finished with grout and ready to go! (5+ years)

Work is dried and grouted.  Collectable in 7-10 days.

£20.00 per child.



There's something very pleasing about a piece of art made with buttons....different shapes, colours and textures.  We use recycled and new buttons to create a simple picture/letter and then we frame it ready to take pride of place on any bedroom wall! (5+ years)

Work is dried and framed.  Collectable 7-10 days.

£18.00 per child.

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